About Us

What is this?

Stigma Stomping is a brand dedicated to making a huge impact on the world by encouraging people to confront, and speak up about, the stigmas that are keeping our minds imprisoned.

I believe that if we make a decision to share our issues openly, someone else might feel comfortable enough to do the same. If this can become a domino effect, imagine how many people can possibly get the care they need with regard to their mental, physical, and spiritual health. A whole, complete, and high quality of life could be just a conversation away.

I hate stigmas!!!

Previous generations have taught us, unfortunately, to hide and be silent. This sets the stage for us to suffer in silence in those personal prisons I mentioned. And I am sick of this. I've watched people I know and love struggle with things they should have been able to share. Quite often they only felt comfortable sharing it among those they loved. Even then, they only felt as though they could share so much. There was a stigma...a fear...that if they shared too much, or told the whole truth about how bad they were struggling, they would be treated differently. I've felt the same way. I've felt the pressure of this unrealistic expectation to always look like I was alright and to keep certain things quiet and to myself.


During my big brother's hospital stay last year (2020), a medical professional asked my sister and I about different medications my brother was taking. There were some conditions we were not aware of. When they asked what medication my brother took for his anxiety and depression, we were both stuck like a deer in headlights. It was the most shocking moment for us. Neither of us knew he was suffering in silence. We did not know he was struggling with anxiety, depression, or PTSD. I was so bothered that I did not know. I've always been the nagging baby sister who could get my siblings to do stuff I thought was good for them...even if it was just so they didn't have to hear my mouth. I've asked myself countless times, "How did I miss it?"


I believe that when my daughter was initially struggling in middle school, it was largely due to stigmas she may have been taught to cover or pray about. I feel like I was a major culprit, myself. Although prayer is definitely important, sometimes we need prayer AND...

When a lively, spirited, fun and funny child shifts to going straight to her room after school, closing her door, and staying in her room for hours instead of being out and about, it is likely more than 'just a phase'. It is probably more than hormones. It could be more than something everybody goes through. It may be a time to be intentional about trying to engage and listen to what that child is processing, instead of concluding that it's just puberty. After so much time passed I finally found out my daughter had really heavy things in her mind that she felt she could not say freely. She felt the stigma...the fear. She did not think expressing herself freely would be accepted, validated, or given the honest attention she needed. She was in her personal prison and the stigmas were the gatekeepers. Again, how much time was delayed before we were able to reach her? Too much.

I have struggled with anxiety, low self esteem, fear and depression. I have been the parent who didn't recognize or acknowledge the signs, I have known people paralyzed by Stigmas who didn't and some still don't dare speak of their journey.  I want to encourage as many as I can to take action to change that. Let's talk about It and snatch the power away from the shackles that have kept us from being totally free. With StigmaStomping, I want to impact the world with a platform that offers Luv, Acceptance, Healing and Freedom! 

I'm going to need some co-conspirators.  Let's get the conversations started.      You In?